The QT Armrest

The QT Armrest is a patented invention of mine to help relax the right arm and fingers. Due to the sharp top edge of the guitar the blood circulation can be restricted when playing. Most players do not notice during playing the downward push of the right arm on this sharp edge and only realize after a time that the fingers and hand have become stressed. It is almost impossible to remember NOT to push down with the right arm and that is why I developed the QT Armrest.

There are now over 400 happy QT users worldwide since the introduction of the QT in 2002. The QT can and will improve your playing through the reduction of muscle tension in your right arm. The tension release will be almost immediate when you start playing with the QT.

Watch me explain more about the QT in the movie and also how you mount it on your guitar.


Click for YouTube movie about QT Armrest