April 2016

Skype lessons question?

SKYPE: I'd be interested in hearing from any of you who might be interested in getting some "tips" about playing some of my pieces via Skype. Maybe taking a piece "apart" for you to help in getting your fingers around it.

The idea is more like a Master Class rather than guitar lessons on a weekly basis which you can get from your local teacher. It would be a one on one situation in which you can ask questions about a certain piece or playing technic you're having trouble with and I would try to explain it and also show you directly via the camera. NOT that I have an answer for everything ;-)) You play and I analyze and explain where you can improve your "playing" and also the "interpretation".

Through email we can master the Time Zone problems to make an appointment appropriate for both parties, me here in Germany and you sitting in Alaska or Pakistan or Japan or Australia. It should be possible ;-)) Payment would be via PayPal. Let me know your thoughts and ideas are about this possibility. You can reach me using the Contact button above.


Gibt es Leute da draussen die interessiert wäre ein Art Gitarrenhilfe via Skype zu probieren?? Ich meine nicht ein wöchentliche Unterricht, aber Aufklärung und Hilfe mit das spielen meine Kompositionen, die manchmal Trickreich sind.

Deine Fragen könnte beantwortet oder schwierige Passagen erklärt und geziegt wie man es vielleicht besser meistern kann. Die Inhalt wird von der Teilnehmer entschieden.

Wir können eine Zeit und Termin machen wo es denn klappen kann, egal ob ich hier in Deutschland sitze und Du in Alaska oder Tokyo. Ich denke an 30-40 Minuten Einheiten und Zahlung über PayPal. Lass mich mal hören was Du denkst! Nutzt mal das Contact Menu Button oben.

Video Lessons

Hi folks, I just uploaded a couple video lessons for you. One of my compositions, "Opus 20", and one from the Beatles "Lady Madonna", which is on my Beatles CD "unBEATabLE Songs" available on iTunes or through my webshop. The explanations are in english but it is very easy to understand when viewing the film. I hope you enjoy them.
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